Day 12: Declutter the inbox

A picture of an iCloud.

A picture of a clean iCloud.

Today’s babystep for “Day 12: Declutter the inbox” is brought to you by FlyLady Lite.  If I had a sponsor for this post it would be  Flylady Lite.  This shortened version solves most of our problems of a cluttered inbox.  It is a condensed version like the Reader’s Digest for those who are following the FlyLady system.   How can you subscribe?  Well, first you would need to attempt to unsubscribe.  I know this does not sound in anyway logical but by clicking on the unsubscribe button on FlyLady’s email you are linked to the Constant Contact page and you will find a button for the Lite version.  I really like it since it frees my email space.  And how many emails did I have before converting to FlyLady Lite?  I had a total of 1260 emails since the beginning of the year.  Purging the list today required a timer for 15 minutes.  I set it and wrote “FlyLady” for the search term.  I deleted them manually, trashed them and moved on.  At least, the technique itself worked but then it got me thinking of other cluttered virtual space.

How do I clean my iCloud?  Is my iCloud full of cluttter?

No, it’s not  full of clutter and no you do not have to clean it since it does it all by itself.  Applications at times clean themselves by purging temporary files from the cache memory.  It is an automatic task and since Apple likes catchy terms for their iOS 5 system, “cleaning”  stuck.  It’s a way for your iCloud to be less murky and your sky blue instead of cluttered.   While it is cleaning, the application itself cannot be used, but it will return back to it’s previous state.

After my attempt to declutter my inbox, I was done with virtual spaces for today.  (I dare not venture out to Facebook since I would become sidetracked.)  I decided to clean some real spaces and proceeded to learn a bit more about green cleaning.  I sorted the guest bedroom for another 2 minute hotspot and finished off by evening routine.  It’s been almost two whole weeks of starting FlyLady and slowly I’m making progress.

Tomorrow, I will attempt to declutter my  other inboxes,  The fun has only started!

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